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In Memoriam

In honor and memory of Mrs. Mildred S. Cunningham

August 08, 1942 - July 30, 2023

Survived by her grandson Vance Cunningham


This Day is a brand new day.

Coming since time immemorial,

This Day has never been seen, or known, or experienced.

This Day is my day to make of it whatever I choose for it to be.

I choose to make This Day the very best day that I can make of it.

I choose to expand my knowledge by learning something new from the experiences of it

I choose to renew my mind by thinking

thoughts that are rich and rewarding.

I choose to increase my spirit.

By living according to the purpose of

my creator, whose spirit lives within me.

I choose to present my body in cleanliness and

safety for health and happiness

I choose to live for others by being at peace with my world

This Day Will I Forgive the Pains of Yesterday

I will plan for the successes of Tomorrow

I will receive today in its fullest Measure

I will live

I will listen

I will learn

I will Love,

This Day

This Day is the day that belongs to ME And I,


TEACH Preparatory Mildred S. Cunningham & Edith H. Morris Elementary School ("TEACH Prep Elementary") 

serves grades TK-4.

TEACH Academy of Technologies 

serves grades 5-8.

TEACH Tech Charter High School

serves grades 9-12



News & Headlines

Board Meeting

July 30, 2024 at 5 pm

TEACH Public Schools is happy to announce our partnership with After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles on the 21st Century application.  If successful, this award will allow us to provide our students with a comprehensive after-school program at: TEACH Preparatory Mildred S. Cunningham & Edith Morris Elementary School, TEACH Academy of Technologies, and TEACH TECH Charter High.

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