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TEACH Public Schools will reach students of all backgrounds by teaching the entire child which includes the social, physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the student.  Upon graduation, the knowledge and the experiences acquired at our schools will be effectively applied to their daily life.

The mission of TEACH Academy of Technologies is to create a high quality, innovative teaching and learning environment that focuses on literacy; integrating state-of-the-art technologies across the core curriculum to achieve academic proficiency for all students.


To fulfill our mission, we will:

  • Challenge students who are unchallenged by traditional teaching applications to attain academic proficiency to grade level and above

  • Allow each student the freedom to learn by exploring cutting edge technologies and concepts

  • Enable students to become creative, self-motivated, competent college bound  students, and lifelong learners that live responsibly as informed, and  productive members of a complex social, economic, and global society

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