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Students and teachers work relentlessly to make sure through our classroom instructions, positive relationship building, and with our character pillar education our student's upon graduating from TEACH Tech Charter High School will:

Think Critically
Student's apply tools (analyzing data, science inquiry, and reasoning skills)
to formulate ideas and solve problems

  • Students formulate problems and come up with hypothesis

  • Students identify information needed to solve problems

  • Students evaluate and critically analyze multiple sources of information

  • Students recognize and understand the need for academic, personal, and career growth

Work Collaboratively

Students work in cooperative situations and create solutions to challenges presented to them. They participate in solution-driven group activities in a variety of educational and social settings. Lastly, students collaborate with other peers to complete assignments and solve problems effectively


Communicate Effectively

Students clearly convey information to people clearly and simply and is able to organize their data and findings. They demonstrate the ability to read, comprehend, and articulate complex texts. Students relay information and data in meaningful ways. They listen to others and provide constructive and appropriate feedback to their peers.

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