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Fellowship FAQ

Is this a paid fellowship?

The fellow will earn a modest stipend during the first phase of the fellowship and the duration of this phase will vary with each jurisdiction based on the authorizer’s timeline for approving new charter schools. At some point after the school is approved, the fellow will transition to a full-time employee. The timeline for this will vary and may be dependent upon securing start-up grants. Once candidates are accepted into the program, we will develop a more clearly defined timeline based on the region and the authorizer.

In most cases, fellows will remain in their current employment situation during the application phase and engage in board recruitment efforts, community input and drafting the application during non-work hours and weekends.

Can I apply for more than one state?  

Ideally, you have roots in or near the community you seek to serve.  If you are considering options in more than one state, we can analyze and discuss the factors involved in each region, such as the political climate towards charters, the availability of start-up funds, and any other circumstances that may tip the scales in favor of one region over another.

When will you start interviewing?

Interviews will start in early October and will continue on a rolling basis as qualified applicants apply.  If you are considering this opportunity but are not ready for the upcoming cycle, please contact us so we can learn more about you and stay in touch. 

Do you have any special opportunities in particular regions?

If you are in the Las Vegas region and interested in starting a school there, we offer a residential program where you can learn school leadership and fast-trac the launch of a new school while working as an Assistant Administrator in a charter school.  

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